About actuar

The benefits of ACTUAR

ACTUAR is the Costa Rican Association of Rural Community Tourism and network with more than 40 partners. We work professionally to help promote and strengthen community-based tourism in Costa Rica.

In 2004, ACT established his own tour operator reservation center. We design and offer innovative and customized programs, for visitors who want to live authentic experiences of local culture and experience the local charm. We combine the great classics of Costa Rica ecotourism destinations and visiting rural communities. We plan fun and educational trips, taking into account sustainability criteria, promoting a harmonious relationship between conservation and rural development. ACT helps you plan your entire vacation in Costa Rica and also pleased to help you make reservations at any of the Rural Escapes or services offered on our website.

ACTUAR has the highest level of Certification for Sustainable Tourism in Costa Rica5hojas

Why book a trip with ACTUAR? What does the ACTUAR only recommend places?
The opportunity to reach out to indigenous peoples, Afro-Caribbean and peasant culture.

  • Contact with nature in places that are not often visited by tourists.
  • An authentic and enriching experience, with the option to participate in the daily activities of rural life.
  • The family atmosphere.
  • A cultural exchange without barriers.
  • Your hosts and guides are the place you are visiting.
  • The ability to participate and contribute to local conservation efforts.
  • The direct and the benefit of tourism by community organizations and conservationists.
  • Fair prices. Custom Itineraries.
  • Good guide naturalists with a passion for rural Costa Rica.
  • Those who travel with ACTUAR support the local communities and indigenous territories they visit generate a sustainable source of income and to conserve their/our natural resources.

With ACTUAR, explore, have fun and make a difference!