Sustainable Tourism & Rural Community Tourism

Challenge yourself to experience the real Costa Rica and the Rural Community Tourism

Costa Rica is known for its outstanding natural beauty. This jewel of Central America has a flourishing culture discovering only experiencing it.

Rural community tourism is the opportunity. Allows you to experience first hand how Costa Ricans live and how they strive to conserve the environment. Rural community tourism implement what community associations. The communities own private ecological reserves or are located near areas of ecological and cultural. All offer visitors a mixture of cultural and environmental adventures in addition to the usual tourist services such as accommodation, tours and crafts. People who visit have the opportunity to discover the real Costa Rica, can explore more than just the popular tourist trails and meet people committed to preserving the rural area.

It is rare tour packages RURAL COMMUNITY TOURISM offers: 

  • A warm and sincere welcome
  • Authentic adventures
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Affordable prices
  • The opportunity to explore natural places without contamination in local guides
  • The chance to be part of conservation efforts
  • Satisfying your vacation benefit the community cultural tourism to generate valuable income to the community and also promote traditional culture.