Frequently Asked Questions:

Should I buy travel insurance?

We encourage every passenger to buy travel insurance before leaving home. You can find further information on the following web page: www.travel-insurance-online.com

How will I be met at the airport?

If your itinerary includes airport pickup, an ACTUAR representative will be waiting for you with a sign with your name(s) on it. You will find him as you leave customs with your luggage, as you exit the airport building.

Is there a number I can call in case I am delayed?

ACTUAR's office is open from 8-5 Monday through Friday. Their phone number is (506)2290-7514. The emergency cell phone for ACTUAR is 8360-7475. If you are dialing it from outside Costa Rica, it will be 011 506 8360-7475 .

Money Exchange:

ATMs are available at banks throughout Costa Rica. They will automatically give you the correct equivalent of the dollar amount you ask for in colones, the Costa Rican currency. Travelers checks can only be changed in banks. The kiosks in the customs area of the airport do not give the correct exchange rate. It is better to go to an ATM. Bring US dollars with you to use at the beginning of your trip. You can often change some money at your first hotel.

What to bring?

- Two of the most important things to bring to Costa Rica are a pair of binoculars and a field guide (we recommend Birds of Costa Rica). Binoculars are a must for getting a closer look at wildlife and are not available for rent in Costa Rica.
- Your valid passport for at least 6 months and copies of all passports in your group.
- A valid driver's license (if you have a rented car).
- Travel alarm clock.
- Sunscreen and insect repellent.
- Shirts: cotton or lightweight synthetic, long- and short-sleeved.
- Trousers: cotton or lightweight synthetic pants. Bring at least 2 sets of clothes that dry quickly. (Jeans not recommended; too slow to dry.)
- Hiking shorts.
- Footwear: waterproof, light-weight hiking boots, river sandals (Teva-type sandals), tennis shoes/running shoes. If you do not bring hiking boots, make sure you bring TWO pairs of tennis shoes. As soon as one pair gets wet, use that pair whenever you're likely to get your feet wet. Go to any length to keep the other pair dry!
- Socks: bring extra pairs in case feet get wet.
- Rain gear: poncho, lightweight raincoat or umbrella.
- Hat(s) with visor for rain and sun protection.
- Plastic water bottle: especially for hikes.
- Flashlight with spare batteries and bulb.
- Camera and plenty of film. Also, extra batteries/battery charger and plenty of memory for a digital.
- Ziplock plastic bags for spillable toiletries, and to store your camera and binoculars in if it rains or you are traveling by boat. Plastic bags for wet items.
- Extra prescription glasses and medication (if applicable).
- Small day pack or fanny pack for hikes.
- Sweatshirt and lightweight windbreaker
- Underwear.
- Sleepwear.
- Sunglasses.
- Swimwear.
- Beach towel
- Bandanas.
- Collapsible luggage to store extra items in San José.

Nature Guide/Driver policies:

If you have chosen to have a bilingual naturalist guide/driver for all or part of your trip, all meals and accommodations for the guide are covered by ACTUAR. Guides are usually tipped at the end of your trip--$3 to $5 per adult traveler per day.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us!